The Ultimate Experience with Romi Bach
The Ultimate Experience with Romi New York Supermodel Actress and Video Star


NAME: Romi Bach

HEIGHT: 5'7" 


HAIR: Golden Blonde, long below to the bottom middle of my back, and naturally wavy.

EYES: Naturally Dark Brown, love to change to Dark Blue with color enhancers.


SHOE SIZE:  7 1/2

HOME TOWN: Austin, Texas.


CURRENT MARITAL STATUS: Currently single, never married, have experienced a loss of a significant other.

CHILDREN: No children, not planning to have children because I want to travel the world.



BEST QUALITIES: My ability to be soft & sensual, dominant, decisive, and in control!

Open mindedness, non judgmental, positive attitude, eyes, & smile! I will look in to your eyes. What's more of a turn on than flesh is your soul, spirit, and energy! I have the ability to look beyond the physical body.

FLOWERS: White Roses, lilacs or and mixed bouquets.

CUISINE: Lobster, Filet Mignon, Salmon, Italian, French, and Chinese.

DESSERTS: Tiramisu, Vanilla Ice Cream, especially if you feed it to me!

BEVERAGES: Sparkling water, fine wines.

MUSIC: Any type of music that is very relaxing and can also make you feel very enlightened.

COLORS: Lavender, white, and black.

FASHION STYLE: An understated, classic look.

DESTINATIONS: South of France, London, Rome, Milan & Verona Italy, Germany.


Q: Is your name also Natalie Bach? Yes it is. Bach is the name Playboy chose for me. Hef said I reminded him of Barbara Bach. I always liked the name Bach too!

Q: Then what inspired you to change your name to Romi? My first talent agent's name was Romi. I always loved her and her name! We are still close friends and she considers it a compliment that I have adopted her name. Living in the city was such a huge change for me that I thought, well, I might as well change my name too, because my entire life had changed!


WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO RELOCATE TO NEW YORK CITY?  I came to New York because everything in the world is here! I love the diversity of the city! I also love not driving! I enjoy the change of the seasons too, even the cold!


It's the thought that counts! A gift card to Spa Finder is always fantastic great and very much appreciated!


Q: What's your current style and approach to The Ultimate Experience? A: I consider myself very straight forward with a no games approach to creating and sharing an unforgettable experience together!

Q: How do you feel about being an adult entertainer? A: I receive a lot of pleasure knowing that I am fulfilling fantasies and creating unforgettable experiences.  It's especially rewarding when people tell me that I have given them the most erotic experience they have ever had. I am honored when people put themselves in my hands after they express their most intimate desires and fantasies.

Q: How did you get involved in modeling? A: My aunt was seeing a professional photographer who took some photos of me and got me signed with talent agencies in Houston and Dallas. I had performed in ballet in the show, the Nutcracker in Houston, so being in front of an audience was natural for me.

Q:  How did you go from straight modeling to posing nude? A: I was working for photographers in South Florida doing hair and make-up. I met a model who had posed for Playboy who encouraged me to send some shots to Playboy. 

Q:  You also became an feature dancer performing in gentleman's clubs, how did that start? I was in L.A. shooting a soft core nude video for Hot Body International. A model I was working with told me she was a feature dancer doing choreographed shows across the U.S. and received a good salary. She introduced me to her agent, and a new world was opened for me! I toured the country for about 4 years, living on the road, state to state, performing 4 different shows a night, 2 to 3 weeks per month. The lifestyle was hard, but I loved to make people laugh, turned on and have a great time! I have photos and video of this part of my life in my member's area.

Q: Were you nervous before your first appearance on stage dancing in a topless club? A: I did not know what to expect, my background in dance was with the Houston Ballet Company so I had performed before, although, it is quite different to say the least, to dance for the Christmas Nutcracker Ballet Show versus dancing in a Gentlemen's Club! As soon as I was on stage and felt the eyes of the crowd, and hearing the music I felt exhilarated, thrilled & excited! I felt so alive and in tune with the people. It was such a rush, I never wanted to get off the stage!


Q: What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? A: I enjoy reading psychology, going to museums in the city, concerts, theatre, exercise. I love to style and create everything to do with my apartment to my outfits. I also love to read psychology. I love to study the mind. Some of my favorite authors are Deepak Chopra and Stuart Wilde.

Q: If you had to choose another career, what would you have chosen? A: Psychiatrist. I love to know the human mind and am quite good at reading what makes people tick! I am also fascinated with modern medicine.

Q: How do you feel about being an adult entertainer? A: It is very rewarding when people tell me that I have given them the most erotic experience in their life. I feel honored that people trust me with their most intimate desires.


Does your family know what you do? A: Yes. My family knows I am in adult entertainment. They have seen me consistently successful and happy for a long period of time. I'm very fortunate to have total unconditional love from all four of my parents. I have a very strong relationship with all of them.


I desire to travel all over the world, to entertain people from all different nationalities. To stay based in NYC, expanding a second home either in the Amalfi Coast of Italy or somewhere else in Europe.

All My Passion,


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